Generally, tours in Russia is very diverse. Russia covers 1/6 part of the land, it is attractive and its landscapes and its climatic zones, and the flora and fauna. Here you can visit and in the deep forests and deserts, and snow-capped mountains, and on the shores of warm seas and cold ocean. Particularly attractive to tourists all over the world are St. Petersburg and Moscow. Two capitals vast country rich in its cultural content. This and museums and art galleries, and rock festivals and concerts, and opera, and ballet. Russia almost any traveler will provide an opportunity to know it in all its glory. However, not all have the opportunity to tour the buses and cars. Often, where there is not even all-terrain vehicle will travel, you can drive a motorcycle. Thus, the motorcycle in Russia - not a luxury or a whim, and sometimes the only means of transportation. Therefore, so distributed Motorcycle tours and motorcycling in Russia .

Biking - this is competition for road bikes or sport class on special tracks and off-road use. Motorcycling in russia includes the following types of competitions: linear and ring road races, racing over rough terrain, off-road track racing on ice and speedway stadium, figure driving Motoball, motoralli - all that can provide an unlimited number of diverse Russian landscape.

Motorcycle tours in Russia include not only travel to Moscow or St. Petersburg, the Volga River or on Lake Baikal, the Urals and the Altai Territory. Motorbike tours in Russia - this is the Kamchatka volcanoes are active, the Buddhist monasteries in Buryatia, a jungle in Primorye, the German city on the Curonian Spit, the uninhabited islands of the White Sea, medieval castles, abbeys, fortresses, Astrakhan watermelons, red and black caviar, and a lot more about what is not so often say, but really want to look. Too large area of ??the country hides many interesting places, each of which leave a vivid memory of a lifetime. The classic tourist routes in Russia will never lead you to the genuine Russian sites, which are the soul of the country. Mototours Russia will give you the opportunity to visit them, to breathe clean air, the Russian hinterland, communicate with old-timers, local vodka drink, and your bike to fill the local gasoline.

To experience the full power of the country can take such a bold march as Moscow - Vladivostok motorcycle tour . In Vladivostok, each year the festival, which brings together all of the boldest and most courageous motoputeshestvenniki from around the world. They come to discuss the most urgent topics, and most importantly - interact. Every year more than 9,000 people attend the Sandy Bay, where the festival "Facing the Ocean." The cultural program at the festival are the various groups, contests, and a magnificent fireworks display concludes the festival. Therefore, many fans are going on a motorcycle tour in Moscow and make tour Moscow-Vladivostok every year. The road runs through Penza, Ulyanovsk and Samara region, crossing the Ural Mountains, where there is always something to see, then Omsk and Tyumen. I must say that tour Moscow-Vladivostok is connected with all the charms of Russian roads, and, as you know, Russia is famous for the disaster, along with the fools. Therefore Motorcycle tours in Russia are always filled with adrenaline, and even resemble the notorious enduro. However, not everywhere. They say that the route from Novosibirsk to Omsk, and this 600km, good enough Betonka at which the motorcycle can accelerate to a speed of 200km / h. Look after the Irkutsk on Lake Baikal - one that's enough to embark on a long journey. Then the soul begins to sing, the air is clean and filled with scents of herbs Baikal, the sky is boundless, majestic mountains, dense taiga, and the water is crystal clear lake. Lake Baikal - the highlight of our country, and many Motorbike tours in Russia is organized to the shores of this magical lake. From Lake Baikal to Vladivostok 3500 km. Buryatia - it is also a beautiful place, low hills, valleys, shallow rivers. Just the perfect place for Motorcycle tours. True, it starts very bad road, more reminiscent of the way of piled stones, 2,000 miles on a motorcycle simply impossible to overcome, we have to drive around that much longer distance. Improves the condition of the road somewhere after Birobidzhan. Far East - the crown of travel, very beautiful. Vladivostok is on the ocean, is famous for its black and red. In total, Moscow - Vladivostok motorcycle tour takes about two weeks. True to such road rent a motorcycle in Russia , will not work. Two weeks infinite extremes on Russian roads will withdraw from the failure of any Harley Davidson. And really, if you have decided on it, it will be the most expensive rent a motorbike Russia . For all its parts must be replaced along the way.

Rent motorcycle in Russia is useful if you decide to organize a weekend, not departed from civilization and from the highway for more than 200 km. A few hundred euros and you get a lot of pleasure from wind, road and freedom. In the end, and in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and Moscow are great places to relax and catch fish, barbecue, to arrange a motocross or just sunbathe and nakupatsya. Perhaps you are a beginner-motolyubitel, and had not yet decided whether to buy a particular model of motorcycle. In this case, again, very handy will rent motorbike. In Russia to take a ride on the road, feel the beating heart of the iron horse, how he behaves on the roads or sharp turns - this is something that will give you a complete picture of the bike.

bike - it's a lifestyle and mindset. People who prefer the comfort of tourist bus tours, mototours in russia - specific people. They are original, interesting, courageous and brave.




Two Capitals tour, August 2016

Just a short note to thank you for our trip and all of your help. The trip was a surprise in many ways. And thank you for Your friendship and the time you spent with me. It was an unexpected gift. Sincerely, Skip (USA)

Just a few words: good trip, good bikes, well organized, excellent guide. Will recommend you. Sincerly, Benno (Germany)

Moscow - St-Petersburg - Moscow, 2011

Merolyn and Colin Chalkly-Maber
Great Britain

We are now back in the UK having had a fabulous trip from Moscow to St Petersburg and back to Moscow. When we planned our tour we had only a vague idea of what to expect and what we found was sometimes surprising, sometimes challenging but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We met some lovely people and many went out of their way to help us when we needed help.

Thank you for your contribution to our enjoyment and for the hard work of your team on our behalf. Gala did an excellent job with her research and advice. Merolyn and I would very much like to return to Russia in the future and will contact you when that is possible.

Golden Ring Tour 2010

Don and Taylor Toothman
Cornelius, North Carolina USA

Olesia Koshel and EnjoyMoto arranged a custom tour of the Golden Ring cities for my daughter and me in June, 2010. What a great tour! Olesia and her company were very easy to work with, from the initial planning phase to motorcycle pickup, and even through an on-road breakdown (she had a replacement motorcycle delivered within 24 hrs). The hotels she arranged were great; some I might have been able to find on my own with TripAdvisor, though she also recommended several others that were off the beaten path. Usually, these turned out to be really cool places to stay, frequented primarily by Russians, which was a big plus for my daughter and me. The Golden Ring area is a terrific place to tour, if you are interested in different cultures, history, or photography. The area is a photographic delight; being able to photograph the innumerable Russian Orthodox churches was worth the trip alone. I will definitely be back to Russia, and will certainly use Olesia's company EnjoyMoto again. I recommend EnjoyMoto very highly.
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